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Valpolicella Wine Specialist

Bijgewerkt op: 4 aug. 2023

by The Valpolicella Consorzio Tutela Vini

Yes I i did it. I am so happy!

Karlien Liewes is 1 of the 50 Valpolicella Wine Specialists around the world!


Proficient Level 3 - VERONA, ITALY Valpolicella Wine Specialist It designed for high profile professionals working in the wine industry with wine education background, confirmed by such wine authorities as Master Of Wine, Master Sommelier, WSET (Diploma or Level 3), Vinitaly International Academy etc. The course involves an in-depth study of the “Syllabus” that is provided before the course. The theoretical part contains modules: The rules on the names of wines. Labelling, Appellations of Origin, Trademarks, Consortia, Tutelage. The Regulations of Valpolicella wines. Valpolicella wine market. Valpolicella genetic and environmental resources. The wines of Valpolicella. Tasting Valpolicella. All of the knowledge accumulated in the modules are here applied to the tasting, which consists of a series of about 20 samples, representing all types and areas of Valpolicella, with an increase in structure and alcohol, trying also blind tasting to the different sensory characteristics. The course assessment will be offered at the end of the course. All students who pass the examination will receive the certificate.


Heb jij zin gekregen om alles te leren over de Amarone en te genieten van Verona, de Valpolicella, lekker eten en een cooking class? Schrijf je dan nu in voor de Amarone Reis! Deze reis wordt begeleid door Karlien Liewes Kijk eens hier Amarone Reis

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